Asking the same question for 15 years.

Welcome to our wedding website. Yes, we’ve been asking “Why would you do that?” for the last 15 years!

A lot has happened since that day (June 24 2006). Steph and I have had two kids. We’ve both lost our Dads, both of Stephanie’s grandparents, my sister Emmy, and Steph’s Aunt Paulette. We’ve moved to Denver from San Francisco, something I thought I’d never do. We’ve bought two houses, changed jobs many times and traveled all over the Western Hemisphere.

I’m proud to say that over the years many members of our family and friends have said that our wedding was one of the best they ever attended (their’s excluded of course). So, in the interest of celebrating my wife and helping us reflect on that great day, I’ve updated this website to include…

The ceremony transcript, our vows and pictures (See the gallery) of the actual event!